What happens when we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable?

The effects of vulnerability are different for everyone, but generally, when we embrace vulnerability, we tend to freeze. Taking ourselves out of our comfort zones and opening up to others, letting them get a taste of our true thoughts and feelings, causes fear to overwhelm us. We feel nearly paralyzed at the thought of tearing our hearts open and giving the gift of ourselves to someone.

When you give someone your heart, when you let yourself be completely vulnerable, you give that person a piece of yourself that nobody else has seen before or will ever see. The celebration between your two souls takes a fresh, new form. You give that person the power to hurt you in a completely unique way. The protective walls built from the specific circumstances of past wounds do nothing to shield you from the potential of new pain.

But in spite of this hesitation, this scary pause, I invite you to adopt a new perspective. Think for a moment about the people who you feel happiest around, the people who draw you in as though their smiles hold a magical spell. Those people you know are genuine, authentically themselves. They wear no masks, they are open and honest and radiate positivity. That magical spell they’re able to communicate through their eyes? That’s truth. We feel drawn to true people, vulnerable people, because we see their inner light unencumbered by falsities or darkened by walls. That is my invitation to you today: open your heart and radiate your magic out to the world.

When we let our hearts fly open, we feel everything in a heightened state. Happiness, closeness, joy, LOVE, appreciation, gratitude, clarity, confusion, sadness, fear, strength, understanding. It’s all magnified. We feel everything at a higher decibel and receive more of the good stuff. We receive more of the loving emotions because we’re sending them out in bright beams of positivity to everyone we touch in our days. Gone are the feelings of paralysis, of overwhelming fear. Yes, you are more open to hurt when you commit to being vulnerable. But you’re also open to the deepest, most real connections with people that can help you through any potential pain waiting along in your path. It takes an immensely strong person to be open, to live life in full color, than to cloud all emotion and experience in the name of protection.

I invite you to think of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had in your lifetime. How many of those did you have to work incredibly hard to attain? Opening your heart to the world, opening your heart to love requires the same amount of incredibly hard work. And in turn, the rewards you reap feel sweeter.

I invite you today to face your fears in order to experience something beautiful and completely. Let go of all tension, all hesitation, and surrender into the beautiful, magical ride that is love.

This pose, Pincha Mayurasana, is the ultimate posture to overcome fear and open your heart. Your heart is close to the ground, close to what your mind perceives as danger, but the pose only works in the surrender to that place. In order to hold Pincha Mayurasana, you have to completely release tension, melting the back of the shoulders and tearing open your heart. You have to trust in your own strength and give in completely to up-level.