The teacher appears in many forms

Where do we even begin to help ourselves stay centered during a time of uncertainty? The question feels rhetorical, completely unanswerable. Navigating a surreal time can feel even more uncertain without the aid of teachers who appear wiser, who set an example of what it means to be calm, cool and collected.

I’ve spent the past few months reflecting, thinking about times when I felt confident and so well equipped with knowledge that I genuinely believed I could tackle anything. I have been so grateful in my life to have diversified my knowledge base in many disciplines throughout many decades. Through the courses, cards, and conversations I’ve been blessed enough to be exposed to in my life, I have found my teachers. Now, from a place of gratitude and giving, I feel called to use my platform to introduce them to you:

Spiritual Courses:
A Course In Miracles
Live Beyond the Illusion
Truth Of The Present Moment

Meditation Practitioners:
Deepak Chopra
Marianne Williamson

Affirmation Cards:
The Original Angel Cards
Doreen Virtue

Friends, there are MANY teachers and teachings to deepen with. I share this with you as a suggestion of what has touched my heart. If you are looking to ground and to settle your body, your mind and your heart, perhaps use these modalities. Please comment below any self-care tools that awaken your internal SPARK so we can collectively heal ourselves and each other and gravitate towards a space of education and growth.