The first step is often the hardest one to take.

September symbolizes a month of beginning, a change of mind, a shifting in life. Setting intentions for a new season can seem more manageable than setting a New Year’s resolution, which can loom large and seem daunting and unattainable. This September I invite you to begin to recognize love as the ultimate force, the only truth, the core of being that will help you sow a life of abundance by returning to love and focusing on the essence of who you truly are.

If we haven’t met, my name is Allison Sobel. I am the co-founder of Hive & Thrive, a certified positive psychology life coach, yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner and am lucky enough to have made a career out of watching souls grow and transform every day. This BIG LOVE that I feel toward every life and every power cannot be contained to my home on the Main Line of Philadelphia. I am devoted to my mission of shifting collective consciousness today and every day. I have spent this year cultivating my community, and am eager to enter this new season with renewed energy and a recommitment to this Kula.

This month, I ask you to ask yourself one thing: what would you like to harvest in this new season? What actionable steps can you take to cultivate your soul’s deepest desires? What habits will give you the energy to till the fertile soil of your heart? Think of your strengths and allow them to nourish you as you lean into the change that each new season brings.

Call upon your humility, forgiveness, your love of learning, your spirituality, your resilience. Be diligent about planting these seeds in times of change and reap their endless rewards in seasons of abundance.

Every day we are faced with negative imagery of the world, of what happens when we shift our focus away from love. Come back with me. Come back to love. Manifest appreciation, happiness and kindness to create a better world. Begin inside yourself. I invite you to feel and experience more than you ever imagined. In recognizing that everything you need already exists in the garden of your heart, you have already taken your first step.