Garland pose represents the ultimate surrender and respect of your true being. During this holiday season, I invite you to bow inward to your own love, emotions, light and your shadow sides. The holidays can create a lot of excitement and pressure. Let go of any expectations or outcomes. Sink into the actual experience of what IS. One of my ‘go-to’ strategies when I feel overwhelmed is to pause, take several deep breaths and practice the 3 N’s – notice, name and navigate. It’s a technique I’ve learned while receiving my certificate of positive psychology from the Flourishing Center. First I ‘notice’ how I am feeling in the moment. Stopping and recognizing that I am overwhelmed. This awareness piece is key! Second, I ‘name’ the emotion. This helps me dive deeper and find the underlying reason for why I am feeling overwhelmed at that moment. Third, I ‘navigate’ the situation by coming up with strategies to help me manage my emotions in a skillful, heart-based response. Notice when the ego invites herself in and try this valuable technique. Honor the moment and celebrate the opportunity to choose a different response. The way to move forward is by honoring the self, exactly in the moment. I invite you to shine a non judgmental light inward to recognize what unique tools you have to broaden and shift your experience. Wishing you much love, joy and peace this holiday season!