When was the last time you jumped into something, guns blazing, full of fire and passion, because you believed in the action from the depths of your heart? When was the last time you did something because it just felt right?

It’s probably been awhile, hasn’t it?

There is a time and place for rational thought, for weighing your options, for living by the book. But we’re not here to talk about those times–we’re here to talk about their balancing point, the happy medium between logic and emotion.

The rational brain’s compliment is the loving brain. Let’s take a moment to talk about ripping your heart open and using that light as your guide when logic alone cannot guide you forward.

We take risks every single day. We quite literally take our lives into our own hands every time we step behind the wheel of a car. (I mean, have you seen the Schuylkill lately?! Or ever?) But we hop in, grab the wheel, and GO. Why? Because we need to get where we’re going. We are willing to take those risks because we’re on a mission, we are moving through life with a purpose.

Think about your heart that way. Your heart is your vehicle, your transportation, the engine that propels you forward through your big goals and small everyday moments. Step up to your heart and let it lead the way. Have faith in yourself, in your ability to discern between serving and detrimental people, tasks, moments, jobs, situations. You have all the tools you need to navigate this heartpath safely. There might be some bumps along the way, but there will also be stretches of clear road on a sunny day, windows down, and your favorite song blasting.

Your heart gives you every tool and all the fuel you need to make every day of your life a purposeful, wonderful journey on a path of happiness and truth. You can’t lie to yourself when truly listening to your heart.

In bad relationships, it’s that nagging rational mind that keeps our hearts continually bruised. If your rational mind feels that for everything you’ve given to a person or job, you deserve a better treatment, you get stuck in the belief you are owed a better feeling than the one you’re receiving because you’ve tried so hard. You will ignore your heart’s desire to get out in favor of waiting forever for what you feel you deserve. If you listen to your heart in those situations, your heart knows that people don’t change, your heart knows you’re being hurt, your heart knows where to lead you. Listen. Follow. Go to a better place.

Lead with your heart.

It takes a balance, a constant effort. Leading with the heart doesn’t mean there won’t be effort. It doesn’t mean that it’s the easy breezy route, but it’s the most true and satisfying.

Today I invite you to let your heart take the first step in your life, always. Let your heart lead you, simply listen to your own truth.

Bakasana, or crow pose, forces you to tip forward, to take that first step in faith, with your heart piercing the way. Like a diver on a board, your heart takes the first step. That feeling just before lifting your toes, where you surrender ultimate faith into your body and your strength, you feel your heart tip forward and commit to the pose before you. Leap, Dear Ones. It’s always worth the effort.